Why Mithilanchal has become a safe heaven for terrorists ?

If you are a Bihari,residing outside the state,then you feel humiliated when someone points out that Bihar is the new hub of Terrorists.It seems that Mithilanchal has become a safe heaven for terrorists .There are various reasons for that;its proximity to Nepal is one among them.

Nitish Kumar refused to take note of this alarming situation due to vote Bank politics.Lalu Yadav is unlikely to fare better in this aspect because of the same political compulsion.Only a communal party can muster enough strength to eject these dreaded terrorists.

Each and every citizen of this country is free to support any individual politician or Political Party of his choice.But no Politician or Party has the right to suppress anti national activities on any pretext.Those found indulged in those activities must not be spared.But there are several politicians who have been doing that kind of pathetic politics .These fellows must be reformed and told that “Do not break this country for your selfish purpose”?
Whenever pointed about the spreading of terrorists base in Mithilanchal ,people hailing from the region feel ashamed and enraged.They are poor ,compelled to earn their living far away from their home ,feel helpless and cannot voice their concern vociferously.

Election is the only time when they can teach these Politicians a lesson.It might not happen in this election but if the trend continues and they refuse to mend their politics.Then people will be compelled to show them their place,ultimately.


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