Bihar is in news for all the wrong reason !

The worst fear is coming true ! Once again Bihar is in news for all the wrong reason.Those who hail from the state are aware of the pathetic educational scenario prevalent all over the state.Now after the shameful intermediate result fiasco,the whole world is ridiculing at the state's educational system .
Hundreds and thousands of students who are forced to study outside the state are embarrassed.Their credentials are doubted more than ever now.

Will Nitish Kumar be able to fulfil his electoral promish ?

There is rarely any good news emanating from Bihar these days.Once again Murder,Kidnapping and Dacoity related stories are on the front page of every NewsPaper.Many call it the return of Jungle Raj.

Nitish Kumar himself seems to be perturbed by these developments and has been reviewing the situation with his officers but nothing seem to be working.The situation is getting worse by each passing days.

To be fair to Nitish Kumar , he has been honestly trying to fulfil his promises and has taken several steps in that direction.But with the kind of ally he has chosen it would be miracle if he succeeds in his endeavour.