What Nitish Kumar Should Do To Regain His Lost Glory ?

Nitish Kumar tried to play” secular card” to attract Muslim community towards him.He was such brazen in his approach that he didn't mind insulting upper caste voters in order to gain the large chunk of Muslim votes..Political pundits had forewarned that this move would boomerang and Nitish Kumar will have egg on his face.But the arrogant chief minister refused to take note and went ahead in his pursuit.Now he has lost upper caste votes completely and Muslim are trusting Lalu prasad Yadav more for his consistent position.

The news emanating from the hinterland of Bihar is that Muslim community has rejected the JDU overtures completely.As per some reports Nitish Kumar would barely manage to win any seat.Thus his dream of becoming the Prime Minister of India will remain his dream only.

This heavy defeat will have huge repercussions.Nitish Kumar will lose his moral authority to govern the state.People had voted NDA not the JD U so his continuing in office would be difficult.He will have to be at the mercy of Congress to remain in majority.

Nitish Kumar can save his government and his image if he decides to throw away his Pakistan-hangover.He will have to realise that he has made the mistake .He needs to announce publicly that his deviation was temporary and now onwards he would concentrate on the development of Bihar.BJP in that scenario might forgive him and forge the alliance .These measures would only enhance the prestige of Nitish Kumar.

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