What will happen to all those who have bought Cars and built houses if MY combination form the government in Bihar ?

As per reports Muslims have decided to support Congress-RJD combine to stop Narendra Modi.The community recognises the good work done by Nitish Kumar but consider him a non entity in National Politics.They however promise to back him to the hilt during the Assembly election.

So like Uttar Pradesh,Bihar is also once again in the grip of Muslim-Yadav combine .MY combine is known for anarchy,goondaism,lawlessness and jungle raj due to various factors.

Whenever MY combination is in power the whole administrative machinery is hijacked by its cadre.Every transfer,posting,distribution of funds are done as per the wishes of the political worker.Bureaucrats are smart so they stop resisting and allow these fellows to do whatever they wish.

It is believed that the surge of support for Modi is such that any combine would fail to stop him to become the prime minister of India.But what will happen to Nitish Kumar?

If MY combination form the government in Bihar then what will happen to all those who have bought Cars and built houses?They will live in constant fear of receiving extortion calls.Will they migrate from the state ?People are nervous remembering the horrible 15 yrs of Jungle Raj.

The only comforting factor amidst these fearful prospect is that Lalu Yadav seem to have become wiser.He has not threatened anyone yet.Considering his own experience he is unlikely to let administration collapse completely.

If Lalu Yadav is able to provide clean government and keep the growth momentum intact;his standing would reach a new height.Developmental credential on his side ;he can achieve his cherished goal at the national level.

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