Can Nitish Kumar regain his lost glory ?

Once the "HERO" and pride of people of Bihar ,Nitish Kumar has become a political nonentity now.His dalliance with anyone and everyone who offers him a platform to appear has eroded his whole charisma.It is shameful that he has to seek support from the party which he fought all his life.It shows his true persona and that is not good at all.

He has become just another politician who thrives and survives by dividing the society.It is unfortunate that he allowed himself to be influenced by some defunct politicians who survived due to his generosity all these years. 

Nitish Kumar can regain his lost glory if he is prepared to face the reality.Firstly he has to accept that people are smart and they can't be misled by some imported ideology.He will have to put the interest of state above his personal "ego".And most importantly he will have to accept that Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister of India and he will have to accord due respect to him.

These are things which he can do openly and people will understand his motive and would appreciate his gesture.Will he do it ? Highly unlikely because he is in ego trap that will not let him to think rationally.

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