Why only negative news emanates from Bihar nowadays ?

Bihar is in "News" for all the wrong reasons.It seems that the state has once again plunged into the dark Zone.Only negative news emanates from the state.There is despondency all around and it seems that the situation might become worse in coming days.

This situation has not emerged overnight.Many had inklings about this once Nitish Kumar had abandoned his responsibilities once his highly misplaced personal ambition of becoming the Prime Minister of India was shattered.

Nitish Kumar could have selected someone with some administrative ability to keep the developmental work afloat.But he preferred someone who would be loyal to him instead .As a consequence there is utter lawlessness and chaos.Everything seems to have been halted. 

It is however very pleasing that the youth of Bihar from every caste and creed have taken note of this and are determined to show these leaders that they would not tolerate their political Nautanki.This was bound to happen and that will happen.Those who have betrayed the people of Bihar would be punished.

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