Nitish Kumar:The most ridiculed Indian Politician today

Nitish Kumar is the most ridiculed Indian Politician today.Lalu Yadav in comparison seems very measured and consistent in his approach.Now Nitish Kumar has lost all the goodwill,sympathy,admiration towards him and realising his steep downfall he has gone back to his mentor for his political survival.This move will backfire badly because he has alienated all those who had been rooting for him for his developmental track record.Now he is finished literally and would have to toe RJD line for his existence.

It was Nitish Kumar who had parted ways with the RJD and secured important portfolio of "Railway Minister" in the NDA government. BJP allowed him subsequently to become the chief minister of Bihar despite having the more strength in the assembly.He was allowed to  work freely without any hindrance despite being resisted by the state BJP unit.

Nitish Kumar initially attracted much attention and praise for his developmental push.This led Nitish Kumar to believe that he own Bihar and his wish wrong or right should prevail at any cost.This kind of arrogance pissed the people of Bihar and they have shown him his true worth.

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