Nitish-Lalu:Do Jism Ek Jaan Now.Kya Hoga Bihar Ka ?Will the Jungle Raj return or Narendra Modi would trounce once again all of them?

Who would have thought that Nitish Kumar would join his mentor Lalu P.Yadav considering the bitterness in their relationships.Rabri Devi had been saying not-so-kind words about his personal and political life.But Nitish Kumar had to eat humble pie and was forced to seek RJD's help in order to save his government.Now he stands completely exposed.People know that this man is no different from his peers and can indulge in theatrics of any kind for his benefit.

He tried to build his secular credential by attacking Narendra Modi personally.People were not impressed and hoped that he would mend his ways but he grew more defiant and kept repeating the same mistake again and again.Narendra Modi became the prime minister  and Nitish Kumar  has become politically insignificant  even in his own state.Those who would vote for him for his developmental credential in the next Assembly election would not do so because Nitisk Kumar will have to act as per the wishes of Lalu Yadav now .

For the time being he has managed to keep the JDU government afloat with the help of Congress and the RJD.The scenario however will change dramatically after the election.BJP will be the biggest beneficiary .No prize for guessing the biggest looser ?

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