Nitish Kumar :Na Idhar Ke Rahe;Na Udhar Ke ...........

Every sentence Nitish Kumar utters nowadays has some context related to Narendra Modi.He has allowed his ego to overpower his grey cells so his utterances are mostly incoherent and defy any logic.He has perhaps read the writing on the wall clearly and has lost balance.

He has become so repetitive that no one pays any attention to him.He is now always eager,rather waiting to meet some media person to vent his frustration.One hopes that he recovers from this obsession in time otherwise he will be unseated from the present seat as well.

The enemy of Nitish Kumar,Narendra Modi,however is so much busy in his campaign that he would have hardly any time left to ponder over statements made by insignificant leaders like Nitish Kumar ,K.C.Tyagi etc.

It is generally believed that Nitish Kumar is a shrewed and calculative politician who doesn't bark in darkness.But that does not seem true here.Each and every person of Bihar knows that he discovered the virtue of being a secularist only to attract Muslim votes.He in the process allowed Mithilanchal to become a safe heaven for terrorists.
Sadly for Nitish Kumar all his effort has yielded nothing because there is a larger secular leader,,Lalu Prashad Yadav, around and Muslims trust him more for his consistent position.They Know that Nitish Kumar became secular when BJP declined to fulfil his wishes.

As per senior journalist Swapan Dasgupta,these secular leaders forgot that beyond  20 % secular voters others would vote as well.Nitish Kumar treated other 80%with contempt who have returned him in equal measures.

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