Mit Jayenge Par NDA Me Wapas Nahi Jayenge.:Nitish Kumar

The popularity of Nitish Kumar is declining day by day.Now he commands no respect whatsoever.This is surprising considering that not a very long while his every words mattered and people had immense faith in him.He is himself responsible for his present pitiable position.He can't blame others for this sorry state of affairs.

The first mistake Nitish Kumar made was that he took the support of educated class of voters for granted.He thought that he was such inevitable that no one would dare to go against his wishes.

He forgot here that educated class was firmly behind him because they believed his commitment for development.When they realised that Nitish Kumar was more interested in maneuvering for the post of prime minister of India at the expense of the development of Bihar they got disillusioned with him.

People are aware that Nitish Kumar has "super ego".Justifying that notion he has declared publicly that "MIT JAYENGE PAR NDA ME WAPAS NAHI JAYENGE.

Now we know that his story is going to be over very soon.Nitish Kumar is himself aware of his waning popularity.Now he seems eager to appear on TV.The other day he was not allowing Arnab Goswami to ask questions.He seems desperate for publicity.

It seems anyone with intellect has deserted him.He doesn't seem to be in good term even with his party president.

Everything is not lost yet in absolute terms.There is still goodwill left for him if he mends his views.If good sense prevails he would accept the reality and assure people that he would concetrate on the development of Bihar.Arrogance will ruin him politically.

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