When we last heard any good news about Bihar ?

It is a long while when we last heard any good news about Bihar.It seems that the state has become rudderless and there is no visible direction it is heading towards...

Nitish Kumar is compelled to devote all his time and energy to keep his flocks together in order to save the government which is running on a wafer thin majority.It is feared that many JDU leaders would switch sides after this election which might lead to the fall of this government.

It is true that NDA government led by Nitish Kumar ended the Jungle Raj and brought some sanity in the state.But it is too little for the state like Bihar.Had the NDA government continued for a decade more than the state would be moderately developed.But that hope has evaporated because Nitish Kumar of his own would not be able to do what he did as the partner of the BJP.

Nitish Kumar is getting more aggressive towards  BJP by each passing days and it looks improbable that both can forge an alliance in the future.So it will be in the good interest of the state that fresh assembly election is carried out and the new government at the helm of affairs takes over the administration.

Any new government would be not able to ignore development because people are yearning for that.Even RJD seem to have realised this and is unlikely to repeat the same mistake. 

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