Why Nitish Kumar Joined The Secularism Bandwagon

It is said that Nitish Kumar resorted to the" secularism bandwagon "after having exhausted all his options of attracting more voters towards him.He thought that the fear of the return of "Jungle Raj" would keep his existing vote bank intact and the new addition would make him virtually impregnable.But his calculation got haywire as he underestimated the intelligence of an average voter.

People read the motive behind his breach of trust and refused to buy his argument.As a result he is nowhere politically now.In the bargain he has only helped the RJD to sneak in yet again.

RJD,for a change is very restraint and behaving very cautiously now.They have not threatened upper castes yet and has fielded an educated person as its spokesperson.The language spoken by them is civilised .There is no mention of Lathi Pilwan types of slogan.

RJD however will not able to take on the BJP on secular plank alone.It has to field dynamic and educated candidates who are able to convince people that they will keep the growth momentum intact.They would strive to propel it further and would not let the law and order crumble.These simple gesture would heal the grudge of those who have been victim of their politics.

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