The Misadventure Of Nitish Kumar

Nitish Kumar didn't think about the development of Bihar before severing alliance with the BJP.It is obvious that he was never serious about developmental issues.He had assumed that BJP would never compromise on development and would keep him supporting at any cost.So he kept behaving arrogantly.

To the credit of the BJP, it allowed him free hand despite being humiliated time and again.The way Nitish Kumar behaved on several occasions was simply awful.But BJP allowed the tantrum of a tiny party for the shake of the development of the state.

But when Nitish Kumar crossed all limits people really got angry with him and vowed to show him his true worth in the forthcoming election.

For the moment Nitish Kumar is trying to woe all and sundry leaders into his fold.But no amount of caste manipulation and arithmetic's would be of  help in anyway.He seems to have lost all his credibility.People always knew that he did what he did for his own personal ambition.So there is absolutely no sympathy left for him either.

Minorities vote smartly and they won't switch side just because he is no more with the BJP.They know that he severed ties for his personal ambition.He has turned secular just for their votes.

If Nitish Kumar can check his ego and think rationally than the best way forward for  him now  is to accept the inevitable..First he should junk his adviser who has been propagating stuff like "coalition of extreme" and other junk ideas.Secondly,he must mend ways with the BJP and form an alliance.

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