Study sociology to understand the consequence of social changes

Social change is the reality and it has got momentum during past two decades.Never ever in the history there was so much churning that too with such a rapid pace.This is the digital age and most educated youngster are now part of a virtual global village.They imbibe and inculcate traits which form their habit and is embedded into their personality.

But the reality in the real village and society is very different.Here conformity to social norms is of utmost importance which seem contrary to the reality and conflicting to the youngsters.

Due to the sanskritization and westernisation the society is changing from within.What was considered right a few decade ago is considered retrograde now.

Earlier the society was closed so the opportunity for upward mobility was confined to a select few.Status was ascribed by birth.Now the situation has changed and anyone can achieve desired status through hard work and in-demand skill set.Everybody is aspiring now for betterment of his well being.They are using all available means to achieve that.All these happening are fascinating and needed to be understood properly in order to make effective policy to address them properly .

Therefore,given the chance i would like to study sociology to understand the consequence of social changes and without a doubt Cambridge is the best place to go for that not only in the UK But in the entire world.

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