Nitish Kumar needs to remain at the helm of affairs to sustain the growth momentum of Bihar

Nitish Kumar
Nitish Kumar is in denial mode and has been rejecting various opinion polls projection as mere sponsored propaganda. If these polls were in his favor than his stand would have been different.It seems he has not lost the hope to become the prime minister of India as yet.His effort to prop up third front seems to be in that direction.

Bihar has progressed under Nitish Kumar and he needs to remain at the helm of affairs to sustain the growth momentum.A decade of steady growth will transform Bihar into a developed state.But sadly that is not going to happen because Nitish Kumar is least likely to retain his chair after his series of egocentric decisions and other political developments happening in the state.

Congress and RJD are again coming together and as per political pundits they will be a potent force this time around.If LJP also joins them then they would be a formidable combine indeed.There are doubts about the return of the Jungle Raj but the restrained behaviour and inclusive politics of RJD suggest that they will not commit the same mistake yet again.
There is still time for Nitish Kumar to see writing on the wall and act according to that.He will only himself have to blame if he gets ousted and the Bihar growth journey get derailed as the consequences .

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