What Led Thackeray Clan To Flee Bihar ?

Bihari Kayasths are known for their academic accomplishments.Very few of them are in the limelight due to wrong reasons.Bal Thackeray claims to be a Kayasth but his behaviors over the years makes it extremely difficult to believe that he belong to that community.Perhaps he is a "Sanskritisized" Kayasth.That means his forefathers were something else and started calling themselves "Kayasth" and eventually established themselves being one.The moot question here is that why any Kayasth would go to far flung area thousands of miles away from his native place Magadh,Bihar?

Migrants from Bihar have achieved great heights in several Caribbean countries .They are very powerful in Fizy and Mauritous as well.What they achieved outside the country,Thackrey did that within the country.Another difference is that those who achieved greater heights outside the country come to Bihar looking for their roots whereas Thackeray is in denial mode.He has made it a business to abuse poor and hapless laborour from North India working in Mumbai.

Magadh region including Patna has great concentration of Kayasths.They are very powerful politically in Patna.When they had no problem over the centuries then what led Thackeray to flee.Modern day Maharashtra might be far more developed than Bihar.But Magadh has been India's greatest empire.What led Thackeray clan to flee the region is very mysterious.

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