ThackerayShould Be Grateful To Digvijaya Singh

It has been observed over the years that those Muslims who migrated to Pakistan during the partition are far more Anti India than those of original inhabitants.Those who left India are still reffered as Muzahirs and considered a second class citizen .Yet these people spit more anti India venom.Former President Parvez Musharraf is the prime example.Perhaps they need to do it to establish their loyalty towards Pakistan again and again.

Thackeray would be also aware of their roots.They would also know that their forefathers came to Maharashtra from Bihar.They are thus deliberately indulging in insulting the north Indians in order to prove themselves More Maharastrians than a Maratha or the original inhabitants of the region.They have psychological problem which leads to such erratic behaviour again and again.

They should be thankful to Congress general secretary Digvijaya Singh forbringing them their roots in the public domain.They are Mharastrians because they are living there for such a lon time. They can also claim now that they are not nomadic and their family tree have roots.

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