Shiv Sena and MNS are on the same page now

Shiv Sena and MNS are on the same page on the issue of the influx of North Indians into Mumbai in particular and Maharashtra in general. They are deliberately trying to rake up this issue in order to mislead the unemployed youth of Maharashtra for their petty politics. People are not aware that Publically Raj Thackeray speaks Marathi, but at the same time, behind the public gaze, ensure the enrollment of their children into a prominent English medium school. If he had sent their children to some Marathi medium school then his love for the language would seem genuine. But his own deeds speak volumes of his duplicity.
His love for English and hate towards Hindi is not baffling because we know that those who seek Muslim votes become secular overnight.All the Thackeray propagates is nothing but the  ploy to exploit the unemployed and illiterate youth of Maharashtra. In Pakistan they make them human-bomb and in Mumbai this fellow use them for their own political agenda. These kinds of fellows are responsible of the perception that today’s politicians enjoy.
This may look very idiotic and hypocritical but this has worked for them till now. Raj was second in command of Bal Thackeray before he was dumped and Udbav Thackeray was given the inheritance of Shiv Sena Party.
Raj Thackeray had milked the system while Shiv Sena was in power. He had organized a concert of Michal Jackson in Mumbai and had pocketed all the proceeds meant for the welfare of ordinary Marathi Manush.His life style suggests that he has amassed quite a large fortune. A corrupt clerk is able to amass crores of rupees then Raj Thackeray had the whole government in his pocket. One can see the fortune amassed by Haryana Politician ,Kanda.Raj Thackeray must have made at least 50 times more than the Kanda.
Instead of being caught and thrown in into the prison cell he has been given the long rope because he serves the political interest of both the Congress and the NCP. But that may change very soon. Once he becomes liability he would be hounded like the Jagan Mohan Reddy.Raj Thackeray is not even one tenth of Jagan Mohan Reddy in any aspect. When Jagan Mohan can be shackled then what worth this Thackeray lad has.
Now it seems that he is becoming liability .He is likely to be constrained first and dumped eventually. The nation will very soon see wailing, howling family members of this fellow, seeking mercy .Will he be forgiven? No.He will have to serve the sentence.
There are more than 1000 politicians who can beat this fellow in every aspect. This man gets such publicity because he lives in Mumbai, the financial capital of India. He is for now being used a balloon. Shrewd Politicians are providing air to inflate him .Either it will burst of its own or it will be prickled to deflate completely. The nation is waiting for that to happen.

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