Why most suspect of terror incidents are from Bihar ?

Raj Thackeray and Shiv Sena have raised the very pertinent  question that why nowadays  most suspect of terror incidents are from Bihar? This is a serious issue and one need to introspect.Azmgarh seems to have gone into the background for the moment; Bihar is the focal point now.

Every Bihari is disgusted by these anti national fellows and if the government fails to checkmate this trend then it will lead to the greater social tension.Even Muslims are disgusted by these fellows as their patriotism is now being doubted

People hate those who are found indulged in terrorist activities. If they do not correct themselves then this will lead to a massive mayhem. How dare they betray their motherland and roam around shamelessly. Political patronage has made them such reckless but if they do not reform themselves then they will have to shift where their loyalties lie. It also needs to be mentioned that very few of them are making their whole community suspect. It is believed that some poor fellow fall in trap without realizing what they are doing. They do this thing to earn quick money.

RJD  pampered a particular community so much that they started behaving as if they are the king of the state. Petty political activists became obscenely powerful as police could not dare to question them. They got emboldened so much that Jehadi recruiters started coming in droves to recruit them. These fellows have truly shamed the Bihar in general and Mithila in particular.

If Raj Thackeray had asked for the head of those involved in any kind of anti national activities he would have got overwhelming support from average Bihari.Bihari are very proud nationalist and world support anyone who is against the nation. But he started accusing all Bihari.  Bihari who have never been to Mumbai or Maharashtra got enraged and started abusing Thackeray Clan.

Very few targeted their ire towards ordinary Maharastrians because they knew that they were not at fault at all.

Raj Thackeray or anyone who have problem with anyone can settle issue between themselves. They cannot generalize things.
Nitish Kumar too must not bring technical procedure while dealing with these terrorists.No sympathy should be shown towards them.

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