Nitish Mishra :the best performing minister of the Nithis Kumar government?

Nitish Mishra was among the best performing ministers of the Nithis Kumar government.Yet he was divested from his portfolio and was given an insignificant portfolio.He quit that and concentrated upon his NGO activities and constituency.It was speculated that he would join the Congress along with his father Dr.J. Mishra. Congress failed to take the initiative and he remained in the JDU just as an ordinary MLA.
Nitish Mishra toiled hard and brought tremendous change in his constituency.He became such popular among his electorates that it is said that he would win even a Lok Sabha election of his own without the support of the Nitish Kumar.
Nitish Kumar in his second term has rewarded him with a cabinet portfolio.He has been made the Cabinet minister of rural development.Now he will have ample opportunity to make the difference at the grass root level.The only question is that whether he would be able to keep his developmental zeal or succumb to the obstruction of inefficient officials.
Earlier he had failed to get repaired Kako-Nirbhapur-Koilakh-Parsa-Rampatti road.This stretch of road is of such  importance for tens of thousands of people yet no body seems to care a bit.Are REO and PWD officials so busy in pocketing bribe that they have failed to act after being requested dozens of times by various citizens group.These officials blame the Amrit Pratyaya for this whereas Mr.Pratyaya took charge of the road development just a few years ago.
Will this government act ever or everything will be the same as they are secured to rule for the next five years.

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