Reservation to the women in the Panchayat has benifited only corrupt government officials

Nitish Kumar gave fifty percent reservation to the women in the three-tier-Panchayati Raj governance system.The reward of this generosity was reaped by him as the women came in his full support in the recently held election.Other states have also followed this model and many more are deliberating upon this .
But this system has created complex situation for the state officials.They are not complaining though because it has provided them ample opportunity to pocket funds meant for the development.
Most of these elected women representatives are illiterate and were just the proxy candidates for their husbands or other close relatives.They remained indoor even after being elected as the "Mukhia or Sarpanch".
Government officials deal with the husbands of Mukhia and it is an additional handle for them.Taking advantage of the precarious situation they are able to enforce their wish to these hapless elected representatives.This situation has enabled even a block level officials to amass huge money meant for various grass root schemes.Contrary to the claim made by Nitish Kumar government,officials ask for their share openly.They fear none whatsoever because no action is taken for the complaint made against them.Will they ever behave?
Reservation to the women in the Panchayat  has benefited only corrupt government officials

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