Azharuddin Does Not Like To Talk About Sachin.Rahul And Saurabh

Azharuddin,the disgraced Cricketer does not like to speak about Sachin Tendukar.He however goes on to point out that the little master lacked the quality to be a successful captain.Azharuddin also talk ssarcastically about Rahul Dravid and others who have made India proud by maintaining their honesty and integrity unlike those who were on the pay roll of bookies and has become political thugs by virtue of the community they belong to.
The board has banned this fellow for life and his presence is embarrassing to the fellow cricketers.Yet this man was given a Congress ticket and as is prevalent he gained easy entry in the place which is said to be the last refuge of scoundrels.
It is on record that Sachin had expressed his anguish over the attitude and conduct of some players.He had suggested the irresponsible ways Azharuddin was batting those days.Sachin was aggrieved because it was his batting exploits which sustained team India and which Azharudding got credit for.But once his captain ship was taken away,Azharuddin betrayed him and the nation which are known to the every Cricket loving person of this country.It is disgusting when such a maligned person dare to speak about our national icon.Will somebody open the case history and put these kind of fellows to their place that is prison,

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