Why Nitish Kumar Is keeping Distance From Narendra Modi

Nitish Kumar is deliberately keeping a fair distance from Narendra Modi and he ensures that this message spreads far and wide.This political strategy is understandable considering the influence of Lalu P.Yadav over the Muslim community.Nitish had weaned away the weaker section of Muslim community through several effective measures but a large chunk who had benefited immensely during the RJD rule remains still loyal to him.

Nitish Kumar can not afford the erosion of that vote bank at any cost.By distancing himself from Narendra Modi he has been able to mange that balance thus far.But his other decisions are quite baffling.Allowing politicians like Sharad Yadav to hog continuous lime light is one of them.

It is well known that people of Bihar trust Nitish Kumar and would vote for him only.Anyone representing him would be victorious.When he enjoys such support then why he chose to impose defunct politicians like Sharad Yadav and others on the people of Bihar is very mysterious indeed.Shard Yadav type politicians are anti development and thrives only on caste politics. He has such high opinion of himself that he refuses to learn the modern day developmental politics.

Nitish Kummar must not give too much importance to the one section of the society at the expense of other.This may lead to the disenchantment of upper castes from him.

Politicians like Shard Yadav live for himself and can not add anything in his endeavor of transforming Bihar into a developed state.

Nitish Kumar should have confidence over himself and the people of Bihar.Bihar does not need divisive politicians anymore now.

For now the brand "Nitish Kumar" is enough but that can change if other good for nothing politicians are allowed to make foolish statements continuously."Development Aur Devlopment Hi Satta Me Kayam Rahne ka Mool Mantra Hai".....

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