What experts feel about the growth story of Bihar?.

Sudipto Mundle: “Bihar is one of the best performing states in health and literacy and the reasons behind it are good governance, improvement of law and order and a few other factors. But despite making a steady effort on these fronts, the state is still poor on per capita income and drawing investors.” 

Professor Dev Nathan : “As Bihar’s economy is agrarian economy, efforts should be made to commercialise the agriculture so that farmers get optimum profit for their produce.” 

“The state government’s roadmap for agriculture for the next four years will help a lot in development of agriculture.” 

Gerry Rodgers:The time has come for Bihar to shift from crop sector to livestock, dairy, fisheries and other such activities to give boost to the agriculture sector and reap harvest of equitable and inclusive development. 

Chief Secretary Navin Kumar: “The Bihar government has made a steady progress in elementary education with construction of about 70,000 elementary schools in the past six years but the bigger challenge is in higher education and secondary education. In Bihar, we have only 3,000 secondary schools. Providing education to students finishing their elementary education will be tough ask.” 

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