What Beer baron Karan Bilimoria said about Bihar?

According to the chairman of Cobra Beer, Karan Bilimoria :“If everything goes well, the day is not far when we will have at least 10 breweries in Bihar,” 

“Bihar has a lot of potential and it is one of the fastest growing states in the country. When I decided to set up a brewery in Bihar last June, many people had told me that it was not a wise decision. But the brewery in Bihta has started functioning. We have doubled our capacity and are using latest equipment to produce beer at the unit. If everything goes according to the plan, we will have at least 10 breweries in the state in future,” . 

“At present, I cannot talk in details. I cannot also reveal the amount of money that we will invest in Bihar. But one thing is for sure — if a state like Odisha can have five breweries, Bihar will certainly have 10 in years to come.” 

“We will focus on barley production in Bihar. Barley is an essential component for beer. But I am surprised to see why people have not used barley so far. We are currently purchasing barley form Haryana. Very soon, barley grown in Bihar will be used in the Bihta brewery. This will also create income opportunities for farmers.” 

“We are getting necessary support from the state government and are looking forward to similar response in future. The leadership in Bihar has achieved great success, especially under the stewardship of (chief minister) Nitish Kumar.” 

“Margaret Thatcher was called the ‘Iron Man of England’ for steering Britain from being the ‘Sick Man of Europe’ to a model of free enterprise. Similarly, Nitish Kumar has changed people’s perception about Bihar. I would say he is the ‘Iron Man of Bihar’. It is true that lots of mistakes have happened in the past. But time has come to promote Brand Bihar globally. We have to encourage industry in the state and sky is the limit for Bihar.” Bilimoria also said he has plans to adopt some Gangetic dolphins. “Dolphins are rare species and we have to save them. I saw a few in the Ganges yesterday. They are beautiful. I have heard that these dolphins are facing danger. I am planning to adopt some of them.

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