Market for Tribal Artisans

Ministry of Tribal Affairs extends Grants-in-Aid to Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India Ltd. (TRIFED) under the Central Sector Scheme “Market Development of Tribal Products”.

(i) Retail Marketing Development Activity;
(ii) MFP Marketing Development Activity;
(iii) Vocational Training, Skill Up-gradation and Capacity Building of ST Artisans and MFP Gatherers;
(iv) Research & Development/Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Activity.

Beside this, according to Office of the Development Commissioner of Handlooms, Ministry of Textiles, the following plan schemes have been implemented for overall development of the Handloom Sector including marketing of tribal products:

(i) Integrated Handloom Development Scheme
(ii) Handloom Weavers Comprehensive Welfare Scheme
(iii) Marketing & Export Promotion Scheme
(iv) Diversified Handloom Development Scheme
(v) Mill Gate Price Scheme

Similarly, Office of the Development Commissioner (Handicraft), Ministry of Textile operates the following schemes for promotion and development of Handicrafts including marketing and promotion of tribal products:

(i) Baba Saheb Ambedkar Hastshilp Vikas Yojana.
(ii) Marketing Support Service Scheme.
(iii) Design & Technology Upgradation Scheme.
(iv) Human Resource Development Scheme.
(v) Research & Development Scheme.
(vi) Handicrafts Artisans Comprehensive Welfare Scheme.

The Ministry has no such proposal for setting up of special tribal markets in major cities. However, under the Marketing and Export Promotion scheme, the Government of India provide financial assistance for organization of marketing events such as National Handloom Expos, Special Expos, District Level Events, Crafts melas etc., to provide marketing platform the handloom weavers which include the weavers from tribal weavers also. The Office of the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) also provides financial assistance under Marketing support Services Scheme to implementing agencies for organizing craft Bazars, Gandhi Shilp Bazars, Buyer Seller Meets on all over India basis, enabling all artisans including Tribal artisans to sale their products. TRIFED has also showrooms and stalls at various places in the country where tribal artifacts are showcased and sold.

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