Special Status To Bihar

Manmohan Singh is again going to be the Prime Minister and that offers him an opportunity to cover up his earlier lapses.As an economist he might be aware of the plight of the state and he should now initiate some big measures that will help the state to come out from the rut.Nitish Kumar has again asked for "special status to the state".Now the ball is in  prime minister's court and there will be no Lalu Yadav to tie his hands down this time around.
Central government should award mega infrastructure projects to Bihar and other genuine demands of Bihar government should be met now.Manmohan Singh should act like a statesman now because, fortunately, there is a government in Bihar now which is capable to deliver.So the money allocated now would be utilised most wisely.
It is well known that if the problem of Bihar is sorted out then the pace of national growth too would increase.But that will happen if the centre is honest and act in non partisan ways.The central government should not worry about who will take credit of the good work?Let the good work begins first......

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