Need To Tame The Bus Mafia Of Bihar

As expected,Nitish Kumar decimated the opportunistic opposition.Development is the buzz word for now and this auger very well for the state.Bihar government has constructed many important bridges and roads but more of that still  needed and completion time of these projects should be shortened.
Once Bihar is jointed the travel time will be greatly reduced facilitating the movement of people from one corner to other just a breeze.Considering the resource crunch it might not happen too soon but this should be a priority.
Bihar earned such bad name due to criminalisation and absence of any semblance of law and order.But Nitish Kumar got rid off most criminals and there is relative sanity in the state.Still people have scant regard for good civil behaviour and that needs to be inculcated somehow.
Once the rule of law and order is established,many persisting problem would evaporate on its own.Some sorts of orders are needed to be maintained at Bus Stands which seems to be in complete monopoly of a few mafia transporters whose staff are mostly goons and misbehaves with the passengers with impunity.If the government can not control them then at least they should be encouraged to behave courteously.Some of these measures would bring great relief to the average citizen of Bihar.

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