Nitish Kumar is the Manmohan Singh of Bihar ?

Nitish Kumar got his job back but seems to have lost the "authority" he enjoyed earlier.In this present arrangement,it is Lalu Prashad Yadav who seems to be the real authority.Nitish has to bow before the Rahul Gandhi also but he is not interfering into the day to day affairs.The situation has emerged such that Nitish Kumar seems to be the Manmohan Singh and Lalu Yadav, the Sonia Gandhi.As long as Nitish Kumar fits in the scheme of things he will be allowed to continue as the Chief Minister of Bihar.The moment he objects and try to asserts his authority,Lalu Yadav will show him the mirror.Nitish Kumar understands the reality and has not dared to object any move initiated by Lalu Yadav and his RJD.All these humiliations are self inflicted so he can not blame others for this sorry state of affairs.

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