The “letter war” between Nitish Kumar and Kapil Sibal

The “letter war” between Nitish Kumar and Kapil Sibal over the location of the Central University of Bihar (CUB) has intensified..

In a letter posted to the website of HRD and adreesed to Nitish, Sibal has pleaded to the chief minister to accept Gaya, instead of Motihari, as the location of CUB.

“You may kindly appreciate that Motihari is neither adjacent to an urban agglomeration nor is well connected for the intended purposes. The site proposed at Pachanpur in the district of Gaya is proximate to the urban agglomeration at Gaya. It is a historical and cultural centre of international importance and is located at a distance of 25 kms from Gaya International airport,” says Sibal’s letter that has been uploaded on the website.

The minister has renewed his offer for assistance to the state for opening a state university at Motihari. He has also referred to the pressure on CUB to shift from its present temporary location at BIT Patna.

Nitish refused to buy Sibal’s logic. “The universities at Oxford, Cambridge, Santiniketan and Aligarh — all are thriving without an airport nearby. It is an insult to the intellectual classes to say that they will only go to places where there is an airport nearby. The question is not why Gaya. The question is why not Motihari,” the chief minister said.

“The moment I arrived in Patna, I enquired about the letter sent by Sibalji. I was told that no such letter has arrived so far. I am surprised that the letter was first leaked to the press and then put up on the HRD’s official website. The Centre now wants state governments to download their communication from the website. This is a new way of communication,” Nitish said, adding that the manner in which the letter has been sent smacks of arrogance.

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