A Letter From Nitish Kumar To Kapil Sibal ! Why Sates Do Not Trust Centre Anymore?

Why Sates Do Not Trust Centre Anymore?

UPA government has some ministers who are arrogant and take decisions as if they are distributing charities. When Nitish Kumar was once asked abut his interaction with the Prime Minister he said it felt like an UPSC Interview. When the prime minister is so detached and acts only when prodded by the Yuvraj then his ministers get the license to act in their own whimsical ways. These attitudes have pissed various chief ministers now and they have decided to show these fellows their true worth.
This UPA government only cares for their Gandhis..Otherwise how can they be opposed to a place like Motihari which is considered Mahatma Gandhi’s Karmbhoomi.Someone must have told Sibal that Motihari is in “BHUTAN” so he is hell bent of securing India’s sovereignty.This is the same man who had  propounded zero loss theory in the 2 G scam. So anything can be expected from him.Sibal has already delayed this project for more than 2 years and there is no hope for commencing it in near future as well.Frustrated with Sibal Nitish Kumar yesterday Wrote a letter to him.
 A Letter From Nitish Kumar To Kapil Sibal !
The Center’s decision to set up the central university at Gaya would hurt the people’s sentiments and the Bihar government would not agree to this decision. If the Centre intends to get the state’s support in setting up the central university, then it should set up the university at Motihari. The state government would make land available for this free of cost.
The Centre appears prejudiced against Motihari. “Representatives of both the Centre and the state are members of the site selection committee, but from your letter it becomes clear that the recommendations made by the committee for Gaya have been made without the participation of the state’s representative in the committee. Hence, it is a one-sided decision of the Centre.
Magadh University, the largest university of Bihar, is situated in Gaya and is playing its role in the field of higher education in that region. There is no logic in setting up a central university there.
The Centre does not want to set up the university in Motihari, which is the district headquarters, whereas in the states of Kerala, Odisha, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu etc, central universities have been set up in far-off places and many of these places do not have the infrastructure and connectivity like Motihari. It clearly shows that the Centre has set different parameters for different states.

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