Proposed Bridges And Bridges Under Construction Over The Ganga

Crossing the Ganga would soon be easier in the state with four bridges coming up at different places and another four being on cards. Already, there are four bridges across the river, spread over 445km in the state. 
The four bridges under construction:
The rail-cum-road bridge between Digha Ghat in Patna and Sonepur . 

The rail-cum-road bridge in Munger 

Road bridges between Ara and Chhapra 

Bakhtiarpur (Patna) and Tajpur (Samastipur). 

The Digha-Sonepur bridges is likely to be completed by March 2014 at a cost of Rs2,921.46 crore. 

The bridges in Munger is likely to be opened in June 2013. Its cost will come around Rs2,000 crore. 

The stones of these two rail-cum-road bridges were laid by the then PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee. 

The Ara-Chhapra bridge, being constructed at an estimated cost of Rs676 crore, would be completed by July 2014 . 

The bridges between Bakhtiarpur and Tajpur by May 2016 at an estimated cost of Rs1,602 crore. 

The bridge connecting Kachchi Dargah and Biddupur, which will ease the traffic load on the Gandhi Setu, is in the DPR (detailed project report) stage. The government is working seriously on this project since there is no other feasible way to solve the Gandhi Setu problem. 

Bridges between Manihari (Katihar) and Sahebganj (Jharkhand) ( in the DPR stage) 

Bridges between Sultanganj (Bhagalpur) and Aguani Ghat (Khagaria). ( in the DPR stage) 
The initial preparation to start work on the 1800m long bridge between Mokama and Begusarai has begun. It will entail a cost of Rs400 crore.All the new bridges would be of four lanes.


  1. It is September 2013. Till date Munger rail-cum-road bridge has not been completed. Neither it seems to be completing soon. The project is ram bharose.

  2. Anonymous11:48 PM

    Bihar needs to be brought under Central rule for next 5 Yrs to bring it out of the morass it is in with a capable administrator like E Sreedharan or Jagmohan being given the mantle.