Government to build duplex houses by demolishing existing bungalows occupied by MLAs and MLCs.

Bihar legislators used to enjoying a lavish lifestyle and staying in the government bungalows now face the prospect of finding themselves homeless. Many of them might have Benami properties but they would not use that for obvious reasons.

Government is going to build 325 duplex houses at an estimated cost of Rs 307.73 crore by demolishing existing bungalows occupied by MLAs and MLCs.These Netas have been been asked to shift to rented accommodation not exceeding Rs 20,000 per month during the period of construction.

The prevailing market rate for a three-bedroom apartment in upscale areas ranges between Rs 15,000 and Rs 20,000 per month and in, some cases where the houses are well-furnished, the rent may go up to Rs 30,000.But the House-owners in are reluctant to keep legislators as tenants. The landlords expect their tenants to follow some rules and regulations but who will dare to enforce them to a legislator.

The proposed duplex complex — replete with two hostels, community centres, clubs and other facilities — would be constructed on 69.75 acres of land located at three places in R-Block, Daroga Prasad Rai Path and Beer Chand Patel Path by demolishing the existing structures. The proposed colony at R-Block would have 175 duplex bungalows, that at Daroga Prasad Rai Path would have 128 houses and the Beer Chand Patel Path colony would have 28.



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