Why Shakeel Ahmed Is Always Shouting And Abusing Anna Team Members?On

Shakeel Ahmed would never have dreamt himself that he would appear on national Television one day.But the miracle has happened and a person of below average intelligence and having a very pathetic communal track record has secured the role in the Congress Party that is simply disproportionate of his ability and competence.

Congress got wiped out from Bihar due to these kind of fellows yet the party was compelled to draft from a few active party workers.He got lucky and was made the spokesperson of the party.But that is proving disastrous because this fellow does know how to behave with dignity .This fellow always keep shouting and abusing Anna supporters for no reasons,whatsoever.He is perhaps doing this to keep his masters in good humour.
Shakeel Ahmed gets worked up whenever corruption issue is mentioned.Everyone knows how he conducted himself while he was the minister.He did absolutely nothing even for his home district.Does he fear that his misdeeds would come into the limelight as well ?One thing is clear that people expect civilised behaviour from these kind of fellows.The sooner they get this message is better for the Congress Party.Party should advice him to measure his words and behave as educated people do.

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