The beginning of the end of disgusted politics in the state of Bihar.

Politicians are shameless is a well known fact.They become paragon of virtue, caring and rational once the election is announced and they have to seek votes to occupy the power.Once being crowned they forget about ordinary mortals and trust their kith and kin only. They do not ask bureaucrats to perform otherwise they would lose their source of income.They prefer to share the pie with all kinds of crooks and are able to amass huge wealth .They are corrupt,immoral,heed only to their Chamcha and are accountable to none,least to their electorates.
These pathetic souls are again trying to fool people of Bihar by promising them the moon.They are hell bent to oust the only effective government Bihar has had since its formation of the state.Since these leaders travel by Helicopters they have no idea of the ground realities.They feel ashamed to admit the transformation brought by the present government.Instead they are trying to mislead people once again.
It is now upon the general public of Bihar to cut these self serving politicians to their size and keep supporting the government which has actually delivered against all odds.The overwhelming win of the present regime will herald a new era for Bihar because it will signal the beginning of the end of disgusted politics in the state .It will thus attract huge investment from every corner.

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