The Banmanus of Mumbai !

Mumbai is the commercial hub of India and the most vibrant Indian city.More than seventeen million people reside there and the migrant population has far exceeded the original inhabitants.There are some local leaders who have rose into prominence by exhorting violence towards these migrants and Muslim communities.Initially South Indians were targeted and now it is the turn of North Indians.This kind of vandalism is against the fundamental rights of the citizen of this country so the press condemn this by full force at its command, as a result these otherwise rotted characters come into limelight and show their near and dear ones that they are on television.
The union government is led by congress party who is known for creating monsters for some short term political gain and then fall prey to it.The union home minister is just a blot on the name of governance.If such a capable person can become the home minister then anybody can become anything.These kind of anarchy has encouraged every mafia to dream big and step the ladder by turning out constitutional provisions and indulge in thuggery to scare industrialist and extort heavy amount from them.These are happening in Mumbai for many decades but the intensity has reached to an alarming level in recent months.Government has failed to discharge its primary duty and is trying to buy votes by enticing them through loan waiver and sundry schemes. Had any other government in Maharashtra,the situation wouldn't have worsened to such an extent.Perhaps Mayawati would tame these anti Indian fellows.
Bal,Raj,Udvab Thackeray would have been roaming around whole of India posing as a fake Maharashtrian fortune teller and begging alms.But Bal Thackeray desperate out of penury became a cartoonist and rose in the dirty world of Maharashtra politics considerably and amassed so much wealth that they can afford "Red Wine" for daily consumption now.The cosmopolitan culture of Bombay helped them too as no educated person would like to bother about local politics.These fellows exploited the apathy of civilised citizens to the hilt and became such a nuisance that they would better keep off and ignore pathetic Thackeray theatrics.
Initially Thackeray targeted south Indian but could not do anything and retreated.Then they played communal card and were responsible for communal clashes.The Shri Krishna committee constituted by the government of India is ready but why they are not sent behind the bar is very baffling.
The inaction of the government and the split in the gang has made them desperate and they are targeting migrant labourers now.They do not understand that work is worship and these labourers are not coward to take extreme steps like suicide.They owe their allegiance to the constitution of India and have every right to work wherever they want.Local thugs might loot their hard earned money in the name of banmanukh,but they would be undeterred.Nobody stops venturing out of his home in fear of barking dogs.It is the duty of the government to chain in the mad animal.A poor labourer is very easy to target who is away from his home.The same labourer can make the banmanukh a civilised person if he is challenged at his native place.
Its true that Bihar is the poorest state of India.But it would sound convincing from some wealthier nation.Here a sate is witnessing mass suicide due to poverty and their leader is basking in glory.Can there be more shameful instances of this type of beastly behaviour anywhere in the world?
Bihar is the masthead of India and have provided its resources to every one,be it cultural,industrial or political.
Bihar has once again come rescue to the rotten souls like Thackeray.Rattled by the notoriety of his own nephew,Raj Thackeray,the old man is forced to join the rhetoric.For the sake of Bihari people working and living amongst the jungle-es,Bihari leaders are forced to remain quite.But every thing has to come to an end otherwise these Thackeray fellows would learn the basics of foul mouthing.
They know that they are not potent enough to question the supremacy of Maratha leaders whom they have been subservient to all these years.They cannot question the wealthier because they are their bread winner but they feel very manly thrashing a cab driver or a construction worker.
These fellow have no knowledge of the history and civilisation of India.Even they are unaware about modern India.They need to be taught constitutional lesson first and then the remedy of their behaviour anomaly should be discovered fast otherwise they can spared this disease like cancer and the whole nation might get affected of this.
Note:-The writer has no intention to hurt the feelings of any average Maharashtrian who owes their allegiance to the constitution of India.

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